Names listed in Alphabetical Order

In Memoriam
Simoneaux Family
Terranova Family
Hartnett Family
Walsh Family
Robert Cusimano
Rose Marie Federico
Theresa & Douglas Haskins
Jerry Hymel
Amelia Kandalaft
Lee Le Blanc
Audrey Ledet
Vicky Ledet
Vincent T. LoCoco
Rodney Petreikis
Roy Phelps, Sr.
Conchetta & Peter Seleci
Vincent Seleci
Gasper Seleci
Irma Simoneaux
Patricia Smith

In Memory of Our Deceased HNS Members - Our Lady of the Rosary Church
Rev. John Bendix S.D.
Past Spiritual Director
Rev. Victor Brown
Past Spiritual Director
Vergel Duplessis
Aaron Gilyard
Archbishop Philip Hannan
Rev. Reginald Masterson
Past Spiritual Director
Ben Raphael
Eddie Snipes
Ignace Tanner