What We Do

Members of the Holy Name Society – both individually and collectively in parish Societies – are called to build the kingdom of God in their parishes and communities by completing Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.
These works can be categorized into three main areas - Spiritual, Service, and Social.


  • Promotes devotion to and respect for the most Holy Names of God and Jesus;
  • Encourages frequent reception of the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Eucharist;
  • Promotes daily Mass attendance, prayer and spiritual reading;
  • Participates in Eucharistic Adoration;
  • Promotes memorial masses;
  • Participates and sponsors Eucharistic and Marian Processions and Vigils;
  • Sponsors, coordinates and participates in spiritual conferences, weekend retreats and days of recollection;
  • Holds prayer vigils for the canonization of Blessed John of Vercelli;



  • Visits the sick and the dying;
  • Visits and becomes a Pen Pal to the Incarcerated;
  • Helps the aged and handicapped;
  • Provides financial support for Seminarians and Catholic Education Students
  • Coordinates food and clothing drives;
  • Provides servers, lectors, cantors, ushers and choir members for the sacred liturgy;
  • Leads and attends bible study groups;
  • Teaches Catholic religion classes (CCD);
  • Drives meals to the home bound;
  • Sponsors converts to the Catholic faith (RCIA);
  • Fights against Pornography
  • Supports Catholic School Education;
  • Encourages Stewardship during parish and diocesan fund raising drives;
  • Fights for the respect and dignity of human life;
  • Assists pastors with parish initiatives;
  • Responds to requests from the Archbishop/Bishop;
  • Serves on parish councils and as parish trustees;
  • Coordinates and supports parish youth activities;
  • Cooperates with Holy Name Society initiatives at the Parish, Deanery, Diocesan and National level;



  • Holds parish Communion breakfasts;
  • Coordinates and works at parish festivals and fundraisers;
  • Sponsors parish social events;